Technical papers by Joe Buckley on Non-Destructive Testing

"He who breaks a thing to find out what it is, has left the path of wisdom." 

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"Automated eddy current Inspection of aircraft wheels"

Presented at the Italian NDT conference, Ferrera, 1993


An introduction to Eddy Current Testing, Theory and Technology

HTML Version as formerly published on Hocking Web Page


"Improved Eddy current techniques for the Aerospace Industry", Joseph M. Buckley, John H. Calvert,

Presented at The Air Transport Association Non-Destructive Testing Forum, Cromwell, Connecticut 28th September 1995


"Principles and Applications of Air-Coupled Ultrasonics" , Joe Buckley, Sonatest Plc (Based on work by Grandia et al, QMI)

Presented at the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing Seminar “Developments in Ultrasonic Transducers”, Northampton, 19th November 1997.


"In-process Inspection of Pultruded Tubular products using Air-Coupled Ultrasound", Joe Buckley, Sonatest Plc, Jan Strycek, Hanspeter Loertscher, QMI

Presented at the 37 th Conference of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 15-17th September 1998


"Frequency Considerations in Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Inspection.", Joe Buckley, Sonatest Plc,  Hanspeter Loertscher, QMI

Presented at the 38 th Conference of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, Poole, 16th September 1999


"Application of Air-Scan Technology to Ballistic Impact Protective Systems"
S.J. Bourne, J.M. Buckley Sonatest Plc
& P.M. Kelly, DCTA, R&TG, UK

Presented at the Personal Armour Systems Symposium, Colchester 5-8th Sptember 2000

"Air Coupled Ultrasound - A Millenial Review ", Joe Buckley, Sonatest Plc

Presented at the 15th World Conference of NDT, Roma (Italy), 15-21st October 2000

A modified version of this paper was presented at the 39th Conference of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, Buxton, 13th September 2000


Transient eddy currents for aircraft structure inspection – an introduction" Joseph M. Buckley, Sonatest Plc. Robert A. Smith, QinetiQ Ltd.  Jesse A. Skramstad NDT Solutions Inc.

Presented with slight variations, at:

The 42nd Conference of the British Institute of NDT, Worcester 17th September 2003.
The 46th ATA NDE Forum, Montreal 24th September 2003.
Second International NDT Symposium & Exhibition, Istanbul 10th October 2003
The 3rd International Conference on NDT of the Hellenic Society, Chania (Crete) 16th October 2003


ULTRASONIC SPECTROSCOPY USING A RAPID SWEEP TECHNIQUE, Joseph M.  Buckley, Sonatest plc, James R. Tucker, Southern Research Institute.

Presented at the 16th World Conference of Non-Destructive Testing, Montréal,  Québec, 30th August 2004.




A comparison of Techniques for Ultrasonic Inspection of Composite materials,
Joseph M.  Buckley, Sonatest Ltd. (power Point presentation )

Presented at the 12th Asia Pacific NDT Conference, Auckland , 9th November 2006

 (Written paper to follow)




An Overview of the Predictive Maintenance Applications of Airborne Ultrasound Testing,
Joseph M.  Buckley, Sonatest Ltd. 

Presented at:  

The Second World Congress on Engineering Asset Management / 4th International Conference on Condition Monitoring,   Harrogate, 11-14th June 2007


The 4th International Conference of the Hellenic Society for Non-Destructive testing, Chania, October 11-14th 2007

The Hull Inspector Project: An Investigation of Technologies for Non-Destructive Testing of Ship Hulls .
J. Buckley, Sonatest Ltd. B. Blakeley, TWI Ltd(The Welding Institute) (now at TSC). D. Breeze, Inspection Software
D. Parramore, TSC Inspection Systems. I. Seisakis,D. Korres, Zenon S.A

Presented at the 4th International Conference of the Hellenic Society for Non-Destructive testing, Chania, October 11-14th 2007


Improvements in Ultrasonic Inspection of Resistance Spot welds,
Joseph M.  Buckley, Sonatest Ltd.   Ramon Servent, Atlantis NDE

Presented at :

NDT 2008, Shrigley Hall, Cheshire, 15-16 September 2008

The 2nd International Conference on Technical Inspection and NDT (TINDT 2008), Tehran 
21-22 October 2008,.

and published on and in the February 2009 edition of INSIGHT